Workshop 1

“In Search of the Migrant Child” Workshop 1

‘Extra’-Ordinary Sources of Child Migrants’ Past Lives

The topic of child migration occupies a critical role in contemporary debates about global mobilities, forced migration and the intensification of ethno-nationalist xenophobia. This first workshop on “‘Extra’-Ordinary Sources of Child Migrants’ Past Lives” in a workshop series aims to amplify the historical dimensions of this phenomenon, bringing together a group of historians whose scholarship examines the nexus of childhood and migration from various perspectives and in different historical contexts. Adopting a transnational lens, the workshop opens a discussion that explores child and youth migration as a multifaceted phenomenon that is central to the historical analyses of migration more broadly.


17-20 CET / 11AM-2PM EST/ 10AM-1PM CST/ 8AM-11AM PST

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                MAY 18, 2021                


Simone Lässig & Thomas Lindenberger

Opening remarks and short introduction participants (30 minutes)

Panel 1: Administration & Management (60 minutes)

Laura Hobson Faure, Kelly Condit-Shrestha, Anca Cretu & Olga Gnydiuk

Moderation: Swen Steinberg

Break (10 minutes)

Panel 2: Knowledge & Education (60 minutes)

Chelsea Shields, Swen Steinberg & Sheer Ganor

Moderation: Bettina Hitzer

Conclusion day 1 (20 minutes)


                          MAY 19, 2021                         

Warm-up (15 minutes)

Panel 3: Globalization & Visualization (60 minutes)

Kimberly Cheng, Friederike Kind-Kovacs & Rosemarie Peña

Moderation: Sheer Ganor

Break (10 minutes)

Panel 4: Experience & Emotion

Emma Wyse, Bettina Hitzer, Simone Laqua-O’Donnell

Moderation: Friederike Kind-Kovacs

Final discussion and next steps (35 minutes)

Happy Hour (voluntary)

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